Sunday, 11 September 2016

An Album of Images taken at Holme Chapel, Nr Burnley, Lancashire.

This selection of pictures were taken on the 23rd April 2016 in the village of Holme Chapel between Burnley and Todmorden. I was in the area to picture the chapel and railway tunnel.

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The Church of St John the Devine, and the Holme Tunnel Portals.
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The Holme Tunnel Southern Eastern Portal.
The Holme Tunnel southern portal.
The Cliviger Valley Towards Stoodley Pike.
Cliviger Valley (Gorge) looking towards Stoodley Pike.

Buckley Underbridge, Holme Chapel, Nr Burnley.
Buckley Underbridge.

The Church of St John the Devine, Holme Chapel, Nr Burnley.
The Church of St John the Devine.

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