Sunday, 8 January 2017

Fartown Rugby and Cricket Grounds, Huddersfield.

Fartown originally opened as St John's Ground hosting Cricket matches from 1868. In 1875 Huddersfield St John's Cricket Club merged with Huddersfield Athletic club which had featured a rugby club since 1866. On the 2nd November 1878 the rugby ground had been developed enough to host the first game of rugby against the Manchester Rangers Rugby Club.

In 1895 rugby was split and the Huddersfield club joined the Northern Union which went on to become the game now known as rugby league. Fartown was there home ground until they moved to Leeds Road Stadium in 1992. The stadium had declined rapidly during the 1980's and after Huddersfield R.L.F.C moved out the stadium was demolished leaving only the floodlights, perimeter fencing, and pitch as a lasting legacy to a stadium that once held over 35,000 spectators for the 1947 Challenge Cup Semi Final. This information was taken from my previous blog Photographs by Colin.

These pictures were taken on the 18th June 2015 with my Polaroid iS2132 Digital Camera.

Fartown Rugby and Cricket Ground, Huddersfield.
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Beyond the Post's.
Taken from behind the posts, stood on what was the end terrace.
Overgrown Side Terrace at Fartown, Huddersfield.
The overgrown former side terrace.
Cricket Memorial Tower, Fartown, Huddersfield.
Cricket memorial clock tower. Sadly the clock was removed due to vandalism.

The following pictures show the grounds at other times in there history. These pictures are not owned by me so I will removed them if the owners request it. I wanted to show what the ground looked like in it's better days.

The cricket and football ground pictured in 1934. This image can be purchased at Britain from Above.
 The side terrace and looking across to the end terrace.
 The main stand.
 The side terrace.
The main stand and cricket pavilion.

These 4 pictures were taken from Huddersfield Heritage website. You can view and support there website at, Huddersfield Heriatge. Please take some time to view there website if you are interested and they would like me to remove the link and pictures please contact me and I will so.

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Pitch Side at Fartown

Supporters Stand Behind the Post's

Fartowns Overgrown Terrace

The Memorial Tower