Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Cova de Can Marca, Port de San Miquel, Ibiza.

Or in English the Can Marca Cave in the Port of San Miguel, Ibiza. These are so far my only attempt at underground or low light photography and the results are a mixed bag. There are only a total of 23 pictures that are at all viewable out of over 100 taken in the caves so I have listed them on to Flickr and Clickasnap. The pictures were taken on the 12th July 2014 using a Polaroid iS2132 digital bridge camera.

Firstly a little on the caves. Upon arrival there is a little café waiting area where you wait to be taken down into the caves in groups, these are sorted in to whichever language you speak. The caves are not accessible for people with wheelchairs, pushchairs and with limited mobility as the are a number steps down and up from the entrance - exit. The tour takes approx. 30 - 40 minutes and is not the most informative but is still worth a visit as the tunnels through the caves are lit in a variety of colours and there is a waterfall / laser light show as part of the tour. It's a holiday so what else are you going to do to pass the time.

Cova de Can Marca, San Miguel, Ibiza.
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The following information is taken from the information leaflet available at the caves.
From the first viewpoint, there is a panoramic view over the bay of the Puerto San Miguel, also known as Puerto Balanzat, with the Murada island in the background. Following a path cut out of the rocks, one reaches the mouth of the cave approx. 12 metres above sea level which is the start of the tour.
The cave is over 100000 years old. It was formed by earth faults and has been shaped by ice ages and tropical heat waves. The cavity known as Can Marca was discovered by smugglers, who used to it to hide there their goods.
Upon leaving the caves there are again a large number of steps to climb back to the restaurant - waiting area.

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This picture looks down towards the caves entrance from the café - waiting area.

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