Monday, 28 August 2017

Port de San Miquel to Portinatx, A virtual boat trip along the coast.

I recently posted a set of images taken along the northern coast of Ibiza, this selection of pictures uploaded to Flickr and Clickasnap are from the return journey from the Port de San Miquel to Portinatx.

The sea was a little rougher on the return journey which resulted in a few people having upset stomachs but I was ok and took a number of picture on the return journey which took about 45 minutes. The pictures were taken on the 12 July 2014 using a Polaroid iS2132 digital bridge camera.

The first set of 17 pictures can be seen on Flickr or by using the arrows on the picture below.
San Miguel to Portinatx. A Boat Trip on The Northern Coast of Ibiza.

There are also 7 pictures available in Clickasnap exclusively. Please take a moment to view those on there as each view of over 10 seconds results on me receiving a small contributor's fee from them and help support my photography.

There are currently 10 pictures available there including the 7 from this set. The link opens in another window.

There is also a YouTube slideshow which can be viewed below featuring the pictures set to music.

Some additional pictures taken from the Flickr album
Yacht's in Portinatx Bay.

Northern Coast of Ibiza 31.

Moscarter Lighthouse from Portinatx Bay.
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