The Seasons at Mearclough Bridge.

Mearclough Bridge is a 3 arch (2 arches over the River Calder and 1 hidden behind the trees) stone bridge that carries the Fall Lane over the River Calder. The bridge was given Grade II listed status on the 19th July 1988 and whilst it's thought the current bridge dates from around the year 1800 there is records of bridges at this point in earlier history.

The following information about the bridge was obtained from the Malcolm Bull Calderdale Companion site... I April 1769 Norland Township was fined for not keeping the bridge in repair and again in 1773. In 1774 £250 was donated to rebuild the bridge in stone. I'd like to give my thanks to the Malcolm Bull website for this information.

For many years the single track bridge was the only access for the refuse site and local businesses due to a low railway bridge along the road, this led to Mearclough Bridge being damaged a number of times and eventually closing to traffic when the new Sterne Mills Bridge opened in July 2015. After a period of time in which plans to close the bridge permanently were discussed the newly repaired bridge with restrictive access to all vehicles except cars was reopened in 2016.

There are a total of 16 pictures taken of and around the bridge and the River Calder here at various times of the year showing the seasons on the river. There are 11 pictures that can be seen on Flickr full size or via the arrows on the slideshow below.

Mearclough Bridge, Sowerby Bridge
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The picture shows the bridge from the northern side after repairs had been completed. It was taken in January 2016 after a light covering of snow.

The picture shows the River Calder flowing east towards Copley taken from atop Mearclough Bridge with the surrounding woodland turning from green to yellow.

The picture shows the newly repaired bridge from below and along the riverbank and was taken in November 2016.

Taken in June 2016 looking west from the top of Mearclough Bridge towards the weir just beyond the trees. The Spring season was just changing to Summer and the trees are showing a full green colour.

Taken looking towards Mearclough Weir in January 2016 with snow covering the surrounding trees, buildings and valley.

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Mearclough Bridge 2.
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