Monday, 2 October 2017

New Blog featuring Pictures of Calderdale.

I've started a companion blog to run alongside this one which will only feature pictures taken in Calderdale, as well as link's, information on the camera and the date and that's it. A bite size Colin Green Photography blog.

It will feature a constant link to my Calderdale only pictures on Flickr and Clickasnap which are ever changing. The majority of new pictures will still continue to be shown on here but this blog will only feature pictures taken using my better equipment over the last 2 years. ( Mainly my Nikon d3300 SLR). I started taking an interest in Photography a few years ago using only my phone and tablet and the pictures are not up to the same standard as the ones I feature here now and by splitting the blog it allows me to still show off the ones taken with my tablet. My tablet pictures will be more often than not loaded directly to my blog post rather than a third party link at Flickr or Clickasnap. All my Tablet pictures will in effect be free to copy and download. All I ask I return is either you make a small donation or take a moment to view my pictures on Clickarsnap.

Calderdale, Sights and Scenes.
The Calderdale album viewable by using the arrows here or full size by clicking on Flickr. There are over 550 pictures to view on there from around the borough.

There are currently 146 images also available to view on Clickersnap by the link below,

These are added to regularly and the pictures on Clickersnap are in the main exclusive to there. By viewing anyone of the pictures on Clickasnap for over 5 seconds they will pay me a contributors fee of currently £0.0010. This along with advertising, and the Paypal donate button helps to fund my blog and pay for my equipment.

You can help support Colin Green Photography and it's associated blogs by donating using the Paypal button below.