Saturday, 7 October 2017

Walsden Railway Station, West Yorkshire.

Walsden Railway serves the community of Walsden, Nr Todmorden, West Yorkshire. It's the 2nd station to serve the village opening in September 1990 replacing the one closed on the 6th August 1961. The original station opened in 1845 and the iron footbridge built in 1890 is the only remaining part of the original station left. The station is situated alongside the A6033 Rochdale Road and the Winterbutlee Tunnel is within a few hundred metres of the station. There is a stream that runs under the bridge and station which has led to the station flooding on numerous occasions. The following information I found on Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion about a couple of tragedies at or near the station. A boy was killed crossing the line in 1864. A girl was killed on the level-crossing on 20th October 1864, One man was killed and two injured by an express train on 3rd October 1896.

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Walsden Railway Station, West Yorkshire

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The picture shows a pacer train exiting the Winterbutlee Tunnel taken from the bridge.

Taken from Platform 1 looking across to the end of Platform 2.

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The picture has all the colour removed apart from yellow and shows a pacer train waiting at platform 2 waiting for passengers to embark.

The picture shows the entrance to Winterbutlee Tunnel taken through the fence of the bridge.

The picture shows the steps up to the iron bridge which was built in 1890 and is all that remains of the original station.

I took this from the end of platform1 looking underneath the bridge and towards Winterbutlee Tunnel.

Taken from below the steps of the iron bridge just as a Manchester bound train was passing underneath.

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Sprinter Train at Walsden.

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