Sunday, 19 November 2017

Tuel Lane Lock and Tunnel.

Tuel Lane Lock is a canal lock on the Rochdale Canal at Sowerby Bridge. The lock was built as part of the reopening of the canal and replaces locks 3 and 4 that were filled in during the 1950's. The following 2 pictures are what inspired this post. They were found on an old disk drive and the copyright does not belong to me. Sadly I do not know who took them so I cannot give them there rightful credit. I will remove them if the copyright owner request it.

 This picture shows the canal alongside Christ Church, with Lock No. 3 visible beyond the A58 bridge. I believe this picture to have been taken in the late 1940's to early 1950's before Tuel Lane was extended over the infilled canal.
The pictures show the end of the Rochdale Canal at Sowerby Bridge during the 1980's or early 1990's. 

All traffic had ceased on the Rochdale Canal by 1937, having been replaced by firstly by rail and then road for transporting goods. In 1952 an Act of Parliament allowed for the canal to be abandoned. Over the next few years the section of the canal featured in the pictures was infilled and abandoned losing 2 locks and having the A1639 road built over the section of canal nearest Christ Church.
Plans to completely abandoned the canal and leave it's future to fate where instigated in 1965, but the Inland Waterways Association fought against this which by 1974 had led to the formation of the Rochdale Canal Society.
By 1990 a large section of the canal had been restored but the final piece reconnecting the canal with the Calder & Hebble Navigation had still not been realised. It took until 1996 for the completed tunnel and lock to open and on May 3rd 1996 the canal was finally reconnected with the Calder & Hebble.
The lock is currently the deepest inland lock in the United Kingdom at 19 feet 8.5 inches and is controlled by a lock keeper with boat crews not permitted to operate the lock.

The pictures below were taken by me and can be seen here and on Clickasnap where they are full resolution and un-watermarked.

Lock 3/4 Tuel Lane, Rochdale Canal

Tuel Lane Lock

Lock 2 looking towards Tuel Lane Tunnel.

The following pictures are not mine. They were found on Each photographers copyright is maintained and they are credited at the bottom of each picture. I would like to thank each person who took the picture here as they are used under a creative commons licence. They show the original A58bridge during the construction of the tunnel, there is a picture taken inside the tunnel itself and the remaining pictures show what was the end of the canal near bridge 1a

By showing these 7 pictures taken by Dr Neil Clifton and Christine Johnstone I hope I show the changes that took place in constructing the lock. I will remove them if either of the copyright holders request it.

Thanks for looking and please take a moment to share, all the pictures remain the copyright of their respective owner or Colin Green.