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From Chain Bridge to Edwards Road on the Calder And Hebble Navigation.

This album of pictures has been taken over the last 4 years using various cameras along the stretch of canal from bridge 1 Chain Bridge, past Walker (Mearclough1) and Mearclough (2) bridges before finishing at bridge number 4 over the Calder & Hebble, the Edwards Road Bridge. This distance covered is approx. 3.75 furlongs (0.5 miles - 0.8km) with the nearest town being Sowerby Bridge.

There are a total of 27 pictures to view taken during different season with 20 that can be seen here and on Flickr. An additional 7 are exclusive to Clickasnap via the links below.

Chain Bridge to Edwards Road on the Calder & Hebble 
Use the arrows to navigate the album or view full size on Flickr.

The following 3 links and pictures are taken between bridges 1 (Chain Bridge) and 2 (Walker Bridge)

Taken on the 8th October 2017 using a Nikon d3300 showing the canal looking eastward from Chain Bridge towards Walker Bridge.

Taken in June 2017 looking west along the canal towards the Navigation Inn and Chain Bridge.

Taken about halfway between the bridges in October 2017 looking towards Walker Or Mearclough Bridge 1 over the canal.

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Winter on the Calder & Hebble Near Sowerby Bridge.

Calder & Hebble during the Boxing Day Floods.

The following links and pictures are taken between Walker Bridge (2) and Mearclough Bridge (3).

Taken in October 2017 using a Nikon d3300 SLR, just after Walker Bridge looking east towards Mearclough Bridge.

Bridge 2 Walker over the Calder & Hebble Navigation 1.
This from the Flickr album shows Walker Bridge (2) which is also known as Mearclough Bridge 1.

And finally the next few links and pictures were taken between Mearclough Bridge (3) and Edwards Road Bridge (4).

Shows the canal passing the waste ground that used to be Canal Mills which burnt down in 1988.

Taken in October this year using a Nikon d3300 camera looking west towards the bridge.

Looking west along the path at the side of the canal. Taken in October 2017.

Snow on the Calder & Hebble Navigation between Mearclough and Edwards Raod Bridges.

Calder & Hebble between Mearclough and Edward Road Bridge 6.

Reversed Beyond Edwards Road Bridge.
This picture is reversed. It was taken looking east towards Sowerby Bridge from underneath Edwards Road Bridge but it now gives the impression to anyone that knows the canal it is looking west towards Copley.

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