Sunday, 21 January 2018

Images from London.

These are just a set of 10 random images taken in London during 2014. My job takes me there regularly and they were mostly taken very quickly whilst sat waiting in various stationary traffic.
They can all be seen here or on Flickr full size.

Canary Wharf, O2 and Thames Flood Barrier.
Taken on September 4th 2014 from the Woolwich Ferry looking towards the O2, Thames Flood Barrier and Canary Wharf.

Tall Ship on the River Thames, Greenwich 3.

Tall Ship on the River Thames, Greenwich 1.
Also taken on the 4th September 2014 from the Woolwich Ferry. There was a festival on at the time I think it was the Greenwich Tall Ships Festival.

Ernest Bevan Ferry Woolwich.
Ernest Bevan Ferry pictured at the North Pier of the Woolwich Ferry in April 2014.

Former Kirk & Randall Building, Vauxhall, London.
The former Kirk and Randall electrical contractors building near the Vauxhall Bridge. Taken on February 19th 2014, I believe since the building has been renovated extensively.

Tall Ship on the River Thames.

Tall Ship on the River Thames, Greenwich 2
Again these 2 were taken during the 2014 Greenwich Tall Ships Festival.

Looking towards Thames Flood Barrier.
This panoramic was taken on the 1st April looking towards the Thames Flood Barrier.

James Newham Ferry.
James Newman Ferry in the middle of the River Thames pictured on April 1st 2014.

Battersea Power Station.
The former Battersea Power Station pictured from the Chelsea Embankment on February 19th 2014.

They were all taken using a Polaroid iS2132 Bridge Camera. All my pictures can be seen on Flickr by clicking here and Clickasnap here.

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