Saturday, 24 February 2018

Copley Canalside Archers, West Yorkshire.

Copley Canal side Archers, now a seating area but I remember vaguely as a kid they were some sort of canal side delivery point. The canal side area being walled off and a funnel running into a small central area to allow I assume coal (or possibly grain) to drop into the arched area below. A few years ago they were capped off with the area above having the wall cut away and being covered to allow a paved seating are alongside the Calder & Hebble Navigation canal and the arched area immediately alongside Copley Lane being walled up and becoming a lower level seating area. Sadly I have been trying to find out more on there uses and history but so far have been unable to find anything. I will update if I do.

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Copley Canalside Archers

Copley Canalside Benchers

Copley Archway Benchers

I put a request for more information on Facebook and i'd like to thank Barbara Fairbairn for confirming they were used for coal.

Copley Canalside Benchers 2

Copley Canalside Benchers 1

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