Saturday, 3 February 2018

Vinos el Campesino Vinyard, Lanzarote.

During a holiday on the island of Lanzarote in July 2013 I took in the tour of the island, during this tour 1 of the activities / site visits was to the Vinos el Campesino winery to try a spot of wine tasting. As I recall the wine was very nice and we were there for a short time so I took come pictures whilst there.

The pictures were taken on July 2013 using a Samsung Galaxy tablet.
Vinos el Campesino Bar.

Vinos el Campesino Winery.

Vinyard between the Peaks.

Wooded Wine Cases, Vinos el Campesino.

Mountain at the Vinos el Campesino Vinyard, Lanzarote.

Vinyard at Vinos el Campesino, Lanzarote.
One of the things that was explained during the tasting was the vines are surrounded by half moon shaped walls. This is because Lanzarote is quite windy and this helps to protect the vines from damage due to the wind.

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