Sunday, 11 March 2018

Ravensthorpe Railway Station, West Yorkshire

Ravensthorpe Railway Station serves the suburb of Ravensthorpe in the outer reaches of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Although the station is sited at the junction of 4 lines it only has 2 platforms serving the main line trains towards Huddersfield and Leeds, the Wakefield bound lines not offering no platforms or access to trains (I do wonder if this is a missed opportunity). The station is unmanned with limited facilities and crossing between the platforms only available via a bridge and steps. It currently handles approx. 820 passengers a week. There is an hourly service between Huddersfield and Leeds Monday to Saturday, with trains every 2 hours on a Sunday.

The station was opened in 1890, over 40 years after the line passed through Ravensthorpe. The original station buildings were listed but having been damaged by fire were demolished and replaced with basic station shelters in the 1990's. The station is one of Yorkshire least used despite serving the nearby town of Thornhill after it's station was closed in 1962.

Ravensthorpe Railway Station.
There are a total of 11 pictures taken at the station available to view here, on Flickr and Clickasnap. They were taken in April 2015 using a Polaroid iS2132 bridge camera.

The following 3 links take you to my Clickasnap only pictures taken at the station.

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Ravensthorpe Station 4.

The way out of Ravensthorpe.

The Red Bridge Crossing.

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