Saturday, 24 March 2018

St Nicholas Church, Cumberworth, West Yorkshire.

St Nicholas Church, Cumberworth is an Anglican church in the Diocese of Leeds. This is the third church to have stood on the site. The first church is thought to have been built around 1255 and this was replaced by a 2nd church in the 17th century. This again was replaced in the 1870's although the bell tower is thought to be from the previous church. The bell towers houses 3 bells which were melted down and recast from the original bells during the 1960's. In the churchyard there is a set of well preserved Grade II listed stocks.

These pictures were taken in May 2016 using a Nikon d3300 SLR camera. There are a total of 11 pictures that were taken in the grounds of the church. 6 available to view here and on Flickr. 5 are exclusive to Clickasnap and can be seen via the links below.

St Nicholas Church, Cumberworth.
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Path Through the Trees at St Nicholas, Cumberworth.

The Stocks at Cumberworth.

St Nicholas Church, Cumberworth.

The Graveyard at St Nicholas, Cumberworth.

The Chrch of St Nicholas, Cumberworth.

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