Monday, 2 April 2018

Elvis Presley. The Top 5.

At the moment I am just trying a couple of different things out for my YouTube channel, this includes uploading a video featuring parts of Beethoven's symphony No.7, part 2 Allegreto. Another recent video I have done is an Elvis Presley top5 UK singles.

Elvis was without doubt ne of the biggest music stars ever with many hit records, but as this was a first ever attempt at anything like this I wanted to concentrate on a small amount so thought why not his top 5. I edited short sections of his songs together to make a 4min 15sec film, the background photos are all taken from the internet and I found them after searching for Elvis pictures available under a creative commons with modification licence. The songs featured also have copyright which belongs to third parties not me. Any ads placed over the video are at the third parties request and all revenues from the video will be paid to them.

The songs featured are in order from lowest to highest,

The Wonder of You.
Charting 3 times in the UK, the wonder of you was first released in July 1970 spending 21 weeks on the chart and 4 weeks at No.1. It was released again in September 1977 only spending 1 week in the chart reaching No.48. It was released a third and final (so far) time in April 2005 where it peaked at No.4 spending 5 weeks in the charts.

A Little Less Conversation.
The remixed version by JXL was released in June 2002, it spent 4 weeks at No.1 and 20 weeks on the chart.

Are You Lonesome Tonight.
To date this has chartered 4 times in the UK. Are you lonesome tonight first chartered in January 1961 reaching No 1 for 4 weeks and 15 weeks in the charts. It was the re-released in September 1977 spending just 1 week in the chart peaking at 46. Again released in March 1982 reaching No.25 and spending 7 weeks in the charts. A live version was released in August 1991 spending 2 weeks in the chart reaching a high of No.68.

Jailhouse Rock.
To date Jailhouse Rock has charted 5 times in the UK. First entering the charts in January 1958 it spent 20 weeks in the chart and 3 weeks at No.1. In February 1958 an EP was released featuring jailhouse rock which peaked at No.18 spending 5 weeks in the chart. In December 1971 it peaked at No. 42 featuring for 5 weeks in the charts. Released for a 4th time in September 1977 shortly after Elvis's death spending 2 weeks in the chart reaching No.44. January 2005 was the last time jailhouse rock charted reaching No.1 for 1 week and spending 7 weeks in the charts.

It's Now or Never.
To date It's now or never has charted 3 times in the UK. It first entered the chart in November 1960, charting for 19 weeks with 8 weeks at No.1. It then spent 2 weeks in the chart peaking at No.39 in September 1977. Released again in February 2005 it again spent a week at No.1 and featured in the chart for 4 weeks.

As of April 2nd 2018 these stats are correct.

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