Saturday, 12 May 2018

Globe - Planet Vortex Photoshop Effect. - Portinatx Lighthouse.

I Have recently been having a little play around with Photoshop and searched the internet for the globe, little planet effect. This is the result of my first attempt and whilst far from perfect for a first go it wasn't too bad. I think the main fault I have with it is the poor blending at the bottom of the picture but I am still learning how to blend in the edging.

Portinatx Global
The full size image without tags can only be seen on my Clickasnap account. You can see the image by clicking here.

Below is the stages of how I got the effect.

Stage 1.
Choosing the original picture to use.
Portinatx Lighthouse, Ibiza 9.
I choose this one of Portinatx Lighthouse taken in July 2014 because I recently uploaded it to Flickr. I wanted something that had a central theme to make it a focus of the picture, as well as being a little bit easier to blend together. Ideally it would have been a panoramic but this wasn't.

Stage 2.
Having chosen my image I then cropped it to A4 size and using the image rotation tool turned the image 180 degrees so it appeared upside down.

Stage 3.
You now have to adjust the size of the picture to a square. Click the image drop down menu, find image size and using this make all sides the same length. I made the sizes 210mm x 210mm for the example picture below.

Stage 4.
Now you apply the Polar Coordinates feature to get the vortex-globe-planet effect. Click the filter drop down menu, find distort, and click the Polar Coordinates and a dialogue box will appear. Make sure rectangular to polar is checked and click OK and a similar image to the one below should appear.

Stage 5.
Now you have to crop and rotate. I rotated 180. so that Portinatx Lighthouse appears at the top of the picture. I then cropped a large part of the blue sky surround away to get the picture below.

Stage 6.
Now at this point I have the unsightly join at the bottom and so far this is the bit I have struggled to master. I used the spot healing brush tool until the blue was blended in to a fashion. I have since been advised to use the clone tool, so I will try and have a go with that later. Here is the first attempt I have made once again.
Portinatx Global

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