Saturday, 21 July 2018

Sea Life Blackpool.

Sea Life Blackpool is 1 of a series of sea conservation attractions based around the world owned and operated by Merlin Entertainment. Whilst recently in Blackpool for the day I took an opportunity and the badgering of my daughter to take in there Blackpool centre. The price was £58.50 for myself, daughter and wife included a tour of the behind the scenes part of the centre. I have to say that I felt it was worth the fee charged.

I took many pictures and video clips using my Nikon d330 SLR camera. Whilst taking over 70 pictures I have only uploaded 29 pictures to view with 24 available to view here and on Flickr with an additional 5 exclusive to Clickasnap where they can be purchased as a A4 print or downloaded for free for a limited time. These were taken on the 17th July 2018.

Sea Life Attraction
The YouTube clips I posted about earlier have now been merged together with 2 additional clips.

It is approx. 6 mins long and features music called Virtues Inherited, Vices Past On by Chris Zabriskie, which is licensed under a creative commons attribution.

The following links take you to the Clickasnap only pictures.

All are available to download for free for a short time. Sadly I did not make a note of the species in the picture so I am a bit vague There is a starfish in picture 1 and a clown fish (Nemo) in picture 5.

The following pictures are selected from the Flickr album.
Sea Life 5
Sea Life 69
Sea Life 38
Sea Life 26
Thanks for taking a moment to look and please feel free to share.

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