Sunday, 15 July 2018

Stoodley Pike, Todmorden. Updates.

Stoodley Pike is a hill above Todmorden, West Yorkshire which has the notable feature of a war monument sitting upon it. I have previously posted more about the hill and monument here in a post from January 20th 2018. I have now completed uploading my current sets of images taken in and around the site

There are a total of 32 pictures to view. 22 available here and on Flickr, with an additional 10 exclusive to Clickasnap via the link below the images from Flickr. The ones on Clickasnap can also be purchased with some images also available as a free download. 

Stoodley Pike Monument and Surroundings.
It features 12 pictures which can be simply viewed, downloaded with some for free and others available for £0.50. A4 sized prints can also be purchased of the pictures there.

The following images are from the Flickr album.

Heeley Dam and Stoodley Pike.

Fog Rolls over a Snow Covered Hill.

To the Monumen at Stoodley Pike.t

Sunrise at Stoodley Pike

Path to Stoodley Pike.

Stoodley Pike Clickasnap Album.
12 images taken at the pike which can be viewed or downloaded for prices between free and £0.50.

Click here to see the original Stoodley Pike Post from January 20th 2018.
The original post featuring information about the pike and monument in more detail.

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