Saturday, 14 July 2018

Watford North Railway Station.

A small selection of pictures taken using the camera on my Sony Experia phone on Monday 9th July 2018, as I was passing. There are a total of 13 pictures which can be seen here, on Flickr, and on Clickasnap.

Watford North railway station is a single platform halt on the Abbey Line serving the northern suburbs of Watford, Hertfordshire. Originally opened as Callowland Station in 1910 to serve the growing residential and industrial areas rowing up around the north Watford area. Renamed as Watford North in 1927 the station and line survived a closure threat during the Beeching era during the early 60's having been reduced to unmanned halts prior to this. In 2009 a plan was announced to switch the line to light rail using trams which was abandoned in 2012, there have also been plans over recent years to run diesel locomotives along the line instead of electric but as yet these have not been implemented.

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