Saturday, 11 August 2018

My Top Performing YouTube Clips.

I use YouTube to generate awareness of my photography, usually uploading driving videos set to music, of photographic slideshows of an album of my images. Occasionally I'll try something else, as I have recently posted about my top 5 pictures available to view on Flickr and Clickasnap, I thought I might as well add my top 4 most viewed YouTube videos and my top 2 YouTube slideshows. 

I uploaded this on 31st October 2013 and filmed it using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Views - 14354.
Likes - 43.

Filmed using a Samsung Galaxy Table and uploaded to YouTube on the 2nd November 2013.

Views - 3654.
Likes - 16.

I filmed this using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet in Lanzarote. It was uploaded to YouTube on the 10th August 2013.

Views - 2304.
Likes - 0.

Uploaded to YouTube on October 29th 2013 it shows a trip through the Dartford Tunnel which has been much changed since with the removal of the toll booths still visible in this clip.

Views - 1749.
Likes - 1.

The most liked photographic slideshow
This features a set of images taken at various dates along the abandoned and closed Rishworth Branch Line Railway. It was uploaded to YouTube on the 19th August 2017.

Views - 558.
Likes - 3.

Slideshow featuring various images taken around the Borough of Calderdale, West Yorkshire. Uploaded to YouTube on the 10th February 2018.

Views - 172.
Likes - 1.

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