Sunday, 7 October 2018

Todmorden Unitarian Church (November 2013).

Todmorden Unitarian Church is a redundant church overlooking the town of Todmorden, West Yorkshire. It became redundant in 1987 and since has been managed by the Historic Chapels Trust. It occasionally has held services since 2008 and is Grade I listed.

This set of 13 pictures were taken using a Samsung Tablet in November 2013, the full series available to view on Flickr with a select few available here.

Todmorden Unitarian Church (2013)
Use the arrows to navigate the full Flickr album. A few selected images from the alum can be seen below.

Todmorden Unitarian Church.

Todmorden Unitarian Church.

Todmorden Unitarian Church Entrance.

Todmorden Unitarian Church.

The full set can be viewed on Flickr.

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