Stairs, Hotel San Marco Palace, Venice.

Whilst in Venice I stayed at the San Marco Palace Hotel, this post is not a review of the hotel, it is to show 2 pictures I took of the staircase at the hotel which was absolutely fantastic. Like most things in Venice it appeared to have been marble (It looked it to me but I have no idea) and formed a fantastic centre piece to the part of the hotel we were staying in. As I have already said this is not a review but I was very happy with the hotel, it was clean and the staff were always helpful and pleasant. I would happily recommend it as a place to stay. 

The pictures were taken using my Sony Experia phone. They can be seen without tags and un-watermarked only on Clickasnap via the links below the pictures.

We were on the fifth floor which was 100 steps from the bottom, there is a lift alongside the staircase.

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