Sunday, 2 December 2018

Stadio Pierluigi Penzo, Venice, Italy.

Stadio Pierluigi Penzo is the home ground of football team Venezia FC, and is the main multi use sports facility for the city of Venice, Italy. It was opened in 1913 and is the 2nd oldest stadium still in use for the top levels of Italian football. The football club has spent most of it's history in Serie A and B, although after a 3rd bankruptcy in just over 10 years the club was readmitted to the Italian league system in Serie D for the 2015 / 16 season. They have since worked there way back up to Serie B.

I had hoped when I visited to et a chance to look inside the ground but it was locked up tight with no signs of anybody visiting. The ground is surrounded by water on all sides, built on to a small island area it shares with a Boat Marina, Catholic Church and Italian Naval facility. Walking down from the St Marks Square area of Venice, the stadium was accessible via 3 footbridges over the canal, I understand that visiting teams and officials arrive at the ground via boat.

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Stadio Pierluigi Penzo, Venice
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Boats outside Stadio Pierluigi Penzo, Venice.

Stadio Pierluigi Penzo Floodlight, Venice.

Stadio Pierluigi Penzo, Venice.

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