Saturday, 22 December 2018

Venice, Italy. 30th October 2018

Recently I got the chance to visit Venice, Italy I was there to visit my daughter who was staying there for a couple of months as part of her university degree. I don't go Everyday was plentiful for taking pictures so I have broken down the pictures I took in to places I can remember, or sets based around the day I took them. This first set was taken on the 29th October 2018 and there are over 126 images I have published on either Clickasnap or Flickr, with a select few viewable on here. The city is architecturally fantastic with tight pathways between buildings, canals alongside buildings, footbridges plentiful. Despite spending 5 days there I don't feel I got the chance to explore all Venice had to offer, although 5 days was more than enough time to spend there from a personal point of view.
The following images are a small selection from my Flickr album which has a total of 96 pictures to view. There are an additional 30 pictures exclusive to Clickasnap via the album link below. Every picture featured here was taken on Tuesday 30th October 2018 using a Nikon d3300 SLR camera.

Venice, Italy 30 October 2018
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In addition to the 96 images on Flickr there are an additional 30 images which can only be seen on Clickasnap. Click here to view them.

The following pictures are taken from the Flickr collection.
Venice, Italy. 16

Venice, Italy. 8

Stairs in Venice, Italy.

Venice, Italy. 67

Venice, Italy. 23

Artwork in Venice.

Venice, Italy. 101

Church of San Barnaba.

Venice, Italy. 169

These are just a small selection of the pictures I took that day. The other published ones available on Flickr or Clickasnap only.

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