Monday, 28 January 2019

Vintage Pictures. Burnley and Pendle

I recently bought a photo collection and I am currently digitising it. All the pictures in it are dated from the early 1960's through to 1990. It mainly comprises of what appears to be a personal picture collection of holidays which include, southern England, Cumbria, Scotland and Wales. 

The first set I have completed are from around the Burnley, north-east Lancashire area and they are a set of 5 pictures. They can be seen full size and untagged on Clickasnap only. The ones below are reduced resolution and have writing along the bottom or top of the picture.

 Barrowford Locks, Lancashire 1974

 Overlooking Burnley 1974

 Haggate, Lancashire 1975

 Pendle Hill 1974

Pendle Hill Golf Course 1975

Whilst I was provided information in most cases of when and where the picture was taken, I could not find information as to what camera was used.
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