Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Vintage Pictures. Cambridge and Suffolk 1974

I recently purchased a collection f slides and there copyright and I am currently digitising it. I will be uploading them in batchers and this 2nd set is from 1974. They were taken on what I think was probably a family holiday around the Cambridgeshire - Suffolk area. They can be seen full size and without tags only on Clickasnap via the links below each. There was a limited amount of information provided with each picture which I have used. Sadly the make of camera was not listed.

Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge

 Kings College Gateway 1974

 Lavenham High Street 1974

 River Cam, Cambridge 174

 Suffolk Poppies 1974

Swan Hotel, Lavenham 1974

All my pictures on Clickasnap, as well as being able to view for free can be bought as a download for a small fee. Any picture viewed there also gives the photographer a small payment of $0.0015 per view of more than 10 seconds.

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