Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Bicycle Race - Queen

I have recently started making Music videos (I use the term loosely) for songs I like, by loosely I mean I find relevant short video clips or pictures and edited them to the soundtrack of the song. Previous efforts include War by Edwin Starr, Road to Nowhere by Talking Heads and Budapest by George Ezra amongst others. The clips used are from the public domain, creative commons commercial licensed or from my own personal collection.

The song "Bicycle Race" was written by Freddie Mercury and released by Queen from there Jazz album on the 13th October 1978. It was part of a double "A" release along with "Fat Bottomed Girls". The band were recording Jazz at the Mountain Studio in Montreux, when the 18th stage of the 1978 Tour de France passed by inspiring Freddie Mercury to write the song. It chartered in a number of markets including reaching number 11 in the UK top 40.

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