Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Music Videos Reditored. The Clash, White Stripes and John Murphy

I have recently found a new hobby?, I have started to make music videos or similar which features images or video clips relevant to the piece of music playing. I have uploaded a few to my YouTube channel recently with the video - photograph used either personally owned, public domain or creative commons commercially licenced. Some of my earlier efforts have included Talking Heads, George Ezra and Queen. The copyright of the music remains the property of the relevant rights holder and there has been no intention by me to infringe it.

The videos featured today London Calling by the Clash, Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes and Sunshine by John Murphy.

London Calling The Clash

Released on the 7th December 1979, the song reached a UK chart high of number 11.

I took a number of public domain images taken around London and then edited them together to form a background to the song. Images include the River Thames, Westminster, London Eye and many more like them. Iconic images from London.

Seven Nation Army  The White Stripes 

The song released in March 2003 reached number 7 in the UK top 40 singles chart.

Again uisng the song as inspiration I found a number of images from all sides and all forces of pictures taken during the 2nd world war and overlaid them with the track. All the images were once again licenced creative commons commercial or public domain.

Sunshine (Adagio in D Minor) John Murphy

Featured in a number of films including Sunshine and Kick Ass, Sunshine by John Murphy is just 1 of those tracks you know when you here it.

Again using the track as inspiration I found a number of public domain sunrise, sunset clips and overlaid them with the music.

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