Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Sowerby Bridge, Things to see

Sowerby Bridge, Things to do is a slideshow video taken from my YouTube channel and recently uploaded. It features 60 pictures all taken within an approx. 30min walk of Sowerby Bridge Railway Station, the furthest away being pictures of Copley Valley, the World War 2 Starfish bunker at Sowerby and Wainhouse Terrace and Tower, King Cross.

There are many other pictures included with the video featuring pictures of Christ Church, St Peters Church, River Calder, former bridges on the Rishworth Branch Railway Line, and no set of Sowerby Bridge pictures would be complete without including images taken on the towns 2 Canals. The town is after all the junction of the Calder & Hebble Navigation and the Rochdale Canal, meeting at the Kirkham Turn Nr Sowerby Bridge Wharf. 

The pictures featured have been taken at various dates since 2013, each picture has the date in text on. They were either taken using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Polaroid iS2132 or Nikon d3300 SLR. Each picture says where it was taken and lasts for 6 seconds, the total length of the video is 6 mins 4 seconds.

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