Sunday, 17 February 2019

Toto - Africa

Toto Africa is a music video I put together messing around with images I had collected under a creative commons commercial licence. I enjoy making them and I don't suspect any of the really good videographers have anything to worry about, there just a bit of fun. This video was the product of a bit of free time and listening to the song Africa on the radio 1 morning. I firstly took an image of the continent of Africa and then overlaid relevant pictures to the verse being sang. An example of which was the verse "Bless the Rains Down in Africa" the map picture was overlaid by a video or picture of rain, another example was the verse "Hurry Boy She's Waiting There for You" I overlaid the Africa background with a picture of a lady on a beach waiting and the overlaid that picture with an image of a man looking at his watch.

The finished article took a couple of hours to do and I enjoyed having a mess around making it. The copyright of the song remains the property of the rights holder and I have no intention to infringe that. The videos and pictures used as background were obtained under creative commons commercial licence or are part of my personally owned collection.

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