Sunday, 12 May 2019

Flickr, The End of my Contribution. Perhaps

In recent months Flickr, the site where I host the majority of my pictures has been taken over and there are changes afoot. These have included now charging a fee for holding over 1000 pictures there, I have paid the fee and hoped that this would lead to greater exposure and added benefits, but since doing so in November 2018 there has been less traffic to my images and blog.

It is now at the stage where I have to consider whether the fee's I continue to pay out are worthwhile to the revenue the blog and pictures receive. I never set out to make money with this blog, I set out to try and gain a greater exposure to my pictures and give more of a background to them. The ads were put on to at least try to cover the cost's, and I use Clickasnap to help with this as they at least pay me a very small fee for the views my pictures receive. I do pay for the membership of Clickasnap but I can downgrade this to free and still receive a small fee from them for views.

With all this in mind I have decided that Flickr is the service I will look to cut, sadly this means a number of pictures will disappear from this blog as they will limit me to a maximum of a 1000. I will still keep a number of picturestherebut starting with my oldest first, i will be removing every picture that has had no likes or commenting reaction over the next few months. I will continue to post on my blog when I have the chance, but from now on I will be concentrating most of my pictures and updates on my Clickasnap account. I hope if you enjoy my pictures then you will take the time to follow me there. I will also continue to post updates when I upload on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Links in the sidebar.