Sunday, 5 May 2019

New YouTube Channel. Just Trains.

Not posted anything for a while, been busy having started a new job. I have recently started a 2nd YouTube channel showing just train videos, train spotting if you like. I'm not really in to train spotting my interest are more about railway architecture, but I found that some of my more popular videos on my original YouTube channel were ones that were dedicated to just trains running along various bits of track. This gave me an idea to just start a YouTube channel were all that was featured was exactly that. So my channel Trains, Trains and more Trains was born and it shows trains running on various tracks with the information about ID, service code, head code and if freight pulling weight included.

Below is an example of the videos featured.

If trains are your thing please take a moment to subscribe as there are currently 5 vids on there and more will be added. Subscribe or view at Trains, Trains and more Trains.

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