Saturday, 12 October 2019

McInroy's Point, Portavadie and Back to Hunter's Quay

This set of pictures was taken in December 2015 whilst taking a delivery to Portavadie, Argyll & Bute, Scotland. At the time I was taking a delivery of Doors to a redevelopment near Portavadie Marina and realising I would probably never be in this area again snapped a number of pictures.

The journey started at the ferry terminal McInroy's Point, Gourock on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth and once across the Forth took in a number of A and B roads until I reached Portavadie on Scotland's west coast a distance of over 30 miles. The journey is one of outstanding views and passes through a number of small settlements as well as Tarsan Dam, Kylies of Bute, Holy Loch, Riddon Loch and Striven Loch.

The pictures were taken on the 15th December 2015 using a Polaroid is2132 bridge camera.

The clip features all the images in a slide show video. The images below are a selection of the ones pictured on Flickr and Clickasnap that were taken on the journey. The rest can be seen on the Flickr album or video above.

McInroy's Point Pier, Scotland
McInroy's Point ferry terminal, the start of the journey.

Ardnadam Pier, Argyll & Bute
Ardnadam Pier

Snow Capped Scottish Hillside

Tarsan Dam, Scotland
Tarsan Dam

Loch Striven
Loch Striven

Portavadie, Argyll and Bute

Kyles of Bute, Scotland
Kyles of Bute

Loch Riddon
Loch Riddon

Hunter's Quay and the Holy Loch Shore
Hunter's Quay and Holy Loch

The full set of 69 pictures can be seen below,
Gourock to Portavadie, Scotland

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