Saturday, 21 December 2019

Top 3 YouTube Videos of 2019

I look on my YouTube channel as a bit of something different where I try different things out without a particular focus on anything, although the stats suggest that mainly the scenic driving videos are of interest to most people. As the end of the year is nearly upon us I thought it may be of interest to share the stats on my top 3 videos of 2019.

The 3rd most popular video of 2019 is titled as Road views of Britain, A Drive through Jedburgh. Uploaded in November 2013 the video was viewed over 1100 times in 2019, giving it a total of 5355 views from the date of uploading. It shows a time lapse video of a journey through the Scottish border town of Jedburgh filmed during 2013.

The 2nd most watched video of mine on YouTube in 2019 is my most watched since starting my Channel in 2013. It was filmed and uploaded in October 2013 and shows me driving across the England Scotland border at Carter's Bar and was watched over 3100 times in 2019 gaining me an additional 5 subscribers.

My most popular video of 2019 was a filmed in November 2019 and uploaded shortly afterwards showing the MSC Lirica cruise ship sailing past ST Marks, Venice on it's way to docking. It has been watched over 3600 times since I uploaded it on the 4th December 2018.

The videos I upload to YouTube I look on as an extension of my photography rather than factual or informative, I just enjoy having a little mess around and consider it a bit of fun. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here. You can also follow me on social media via the links in the side bar and check out my photo sharing profile on Clickasnap here. I currently have over 1600 pictures available to view there.