Copley Toll Bridge. Before and after the 2015 Boxing Day Floods

I have previously posted about the bridge at Copley and its replacement in November 2017.  Click here to view the post which gives more information, history and pictures of the original bridge and it's replacement. I was reminded of the damaged bridge due to the recent flooding again through the Calder Valley caused by Storm Ciara, and so far anyway the threat of flooding by Storm Dennis, as well as recently acquiring a Victorian picture of the bridge at it's finest, which will be posted below I thought would revisit my original pictures taken in February 2014 showing the bridge in good condition, my set taken on New Years Day 2015 showing the badly damaged bridge. I'm not gonna go over the details previously posted about the history of the bridge, they can be seen via the link above.
This Victorian picture is one I recently purchased of the bridge, I am informed that it is out of copyright protection but have no details as to who took it or owned the copyright so am unable to credit them. I will happily do this if it advised who to credit.

The following 3 were taken in February 2014.

Copley Toll House and Former Bridge 2014

Copley Toll Bridge 2014

Copley Toll Bridge 2014

The following 3 images were taken on New Years Day 2016, the week after the floods destroyed the bridge.

Destroyed Copley Toll Bridge after the 2015 Boxing Day floods

Copley Toll Bridge Remains after the Boxing Day 2015 Floods.

Remains of Copley Toll Bridge after the 2015 Boxing Day Floods

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