Sunday, 5 April 2020

Gas Works Bridge, Sowerby Bridge (Updated)

I previously posted about Gas Works Bridge when I had only taken a couple of pictures there, but having recently sorted through a few more of my pictures I found that I had plenty more to share here, on Clickasnap and Flickr. 

Gas Works Bridge is a pedestrian crossing over the River Calder connecting Chapel Lane with Mearclough Road via Gas Works Road. The bridge is named after what was once the site of Sowerby Bridge gas works which stood on the norther bank of the River Calder stretching to the Calder & Hebble Navigation Canal a few hundred metres to the north. As a kid growing up in Sowerby Bridge during the 1980's the site was still occupied by large gasometers but the bridge was closed to traffic, and remains so to this day.

Built in 1816 the original bridge is amongst the oldest remaining cast iron bridges in Calderdale, and was given Grade II listed status on the 19th July 1988. It is hidden from view by the riveted steel plates used when the bridge was widened around 1850 although it can just about be seen underneath. Despite being listed the local council seems uninterested in maintaining or preventing further deterioration of the bridge.

The bridge castings were produced by Aydon and Elwell of Shelf Ironworks, Bradford on the instruction of Thomas Fearnside & Son of Mearclough Bottom Mills, which stood on the southern Bank of the River Calder and were in the business of corn milling.

Below is a small selection of the pictures I previously posted.

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