Thursday, 23 April 2020

My Top 5 Pictures on Flickr

Every now and again I like to have a post showing how some of my pictures or videos are getting along on various platforms. Today I thought a list of my top 5 on Flickr to fill a bit of time and show a variety of the images I have taken or own.

The Path Downhill.
The Path Downhill
Taken in November 2013, I had just started to take an interest in photography as a hobby and was out exploring the area above the Summit Railway Tunnel, connecting Lancashire and Yorkshire through the Pennine Hills. This was taken on the walk back down from the summit using my then Samsung Galaxy Tablet. It has been viewed 3425 times and favourited 85.
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Hebden Old Bridge.
Hebden Old Bridge.
Taken in July 2018, the bridge is one of my favourite picture spots. It crossers Hebden Water in the centre of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire and was once the main route across the water in the town. To date it has been seen 4631 times and favourited 77 times.
This picture can also be seen and purchased as a download on Clickasnap by clicking here

Railway Platforms at Brockholes Railway Station.
Railway Platforms at Brockholes.
I took this in May 2016 from the still in use part of Brockholes Station, the buildings pictured being formerly part of the station but now a private residence. I liked how the owner had restored the building to give the look of how stations used to appear. Up to today the picture has been seen 4729 and favourited 128 times on Flickr.
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Bridge of Sighs, Venice
Bridge of Sighs, Venice.
Taken in October 2018 whilst I was visiting my daughter, who was at the time living in Venice. The bridge is so called because it was the last view a prisoner had of Venice before imprisonment. The image has been viewed 5717 times and favourited 121 since uploading.
This picture can also be seen and downloaded on Clickasnap here.

Lumbutts Water Tower.
Lumbutts Water Tower.
Taken on New Years Eve 2016, this has pretty much ever since been my number 1 picture on Flickr, and I must confess I have no idea why, but then that's why people like photography, somethings are liked and others not. Up to today it has been viewed 9262 times and favourited 125.

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