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Venice October 29th 2018

Venice October 29th 2018 is a small set of pictures taken on that Monday as I arrived in the city to visit my daughter who was there studying history of art for Warwick University. On the day of my arrival Venice was hit by some of it's worst flooding since the 1960's with levels as high as 5ft above what are considered normal levels for the time of year.

Because of the flooding myself and my wife were unable to get out and explore Venice on the day we arrived or meet up with our daughter, the purpose of the visit. Despite wading through water between my chest and waste to reach the hotel, the flooding didn't ruin the visit. What surprised me most was the attitude of the people who lived there, the flooding looked upon as a minor nuisance to be lived with, rather than a major disruption, with 1 of the shop owner near to St Marks Square commenting "This is Venice, Welcome"

Venice, Italy 29 October 2018
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The pictures of the rooftops and flooded courtyard were taken from our hotel the Hotel Royal San Marco, the hotel and staff being highly recommended by me.

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Taxis Venetian Style
This was taken at the airport whilst waiting for the transfer to Venice. Venetian style taxi's.

San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
My first view of Venice, taken from the jetty at San Marco after being dropped off by the taxi. At this point I had no idea of the extent of the flooding I was about to find myself part of. Shortly after leaving the jetty I purchased some knee high plastic boots which by the time I had reached San Marco Square were pretty much useless, due to the water reaching a level between knee and waste.

Floods Outside Doge's Palace, Venice
Doge's Palace, where the water level was already above the boots I had bought. Here is where I put my camera away and held my travel bag above my head to prevent my clothes and electrics getting wet. Beyond this point the water level only got deeper and by the time I was across the square and near to my hotel it was between waste and chest deep.

Venice Floods
Later that even the water level had begun to recede, when we arrived the well in the centre of the yard was fully submerged, by the time we retired to bed around 10 pm the level was at pictured.

Rooftops, Venice
This picture was taken looking north across the rooftops of Venice from the hotel room. I just liked how it gave a different perspective of the city and showed how cramped everything was.

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Venice, Italy
I am currently sorting through all my pictures taken on the trip.

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