Thursday, 23 April 2020

Venice October 30th 2018

In late 2018 I had the chance to visit my daughter in Venice for a few days and during the course of my stay took a large amount of photo's on various walks around the city state. I have broken them down in to various sets by date.

On this day I spent a large part of it wondering around the San Marco and Accademia areas and there are a total of 71 images which can be seen from that day, all are now available to view on Flickr and Clickasnap, with a few displayed on here.

Venice, Italy 30 October 2018
Use the arrows to navigate the album of 71 pictures or view them full size on Flickr and Clickasnap.

The images below are selected from the same album.
Ponte de la Pieta, Venice
Ponta de la Pieta was a short walk along the sea front from San Marco Square.

The Leaning Bell Tower of Santo Stefano, Venice.

Venetian Graffitti

Victor Emmanuel II Monument, Venice

Bacino Orseolo, Venice

Church of San Barnaba, Venice

Gondola's at San Marco, Venice

Grand Canal From Accademia Bridge, Venice

Water Bus Stop on the Grand Canal, Venice
All the remaining images can be seen on my Clickasnap and Flickr accounts just search Venice under my profile. Click here and take a moment to view of my 1800+ pictures available on Clickasnap

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