Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Vintage Pictures- Sussex Castles in the 1960's

This set of 3 pictures is part of a collection of 35mm slides I acquired a couple of years ago and features 3 images taken outside Pevensey, Bodiam and Herstmonceux Castles, Sussex in the 1960's. The pictures can be seen here, on Flickr and on Clickasnap.

Pevensey Castle.
Pevensey Castle is a Roman fort and medieval castle, the first developments here being around the year 290AD and remained in use until the late 16th century. The castle had become an overgrown ruin until the British Government took over the ruins in 1925. The castle was reoccupied by the home Guard, British, Canadian and US armies between 1940 and 45 and the machine gun post that were built can still be seen today. It is now a public attraction operated by English Heritage.

Herstmoneux Castle.
Herstmonceux Castle is a brick built Tudor mansion built in 1441, being 1 of the first buildings to be built using brick in England. It is Grade II listed and now owned by Queen's University, Canada.

Bodiam Castle.
Bodiam Castle is an National Trust owned and operated Castle in Sussex, England. The castle was besieged during the Wars of the Roses and seized and dismantled for the owners support of the Royalist cause in the English Civil War. The ruins were purchased by John Fuller in 1829 who started the restoration of the castle, which was continued by the following owners George Cubitt, the 1st Baron Ashcombe and Lord Curzon who donated the castle to the National Trust upon his death in 1925.

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