Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Vintage Pictures - Temple of Jupiter, Lebanon

Temple of Jupiter is 2 pictures taken at the ruins of the Roman Temple dedicated to Jupiter Heliopolitanus at Baalbek, modern day Lebanon. The pictures were part of a collection I obtained, gaining the copyright as part of the deal when I acquired them. Out of over 200 slides and negatives these were the only 2 to feature the site. They were taken in the 1960's.

Built between 16BC and 60AD, the temple was the biggest in the Roman empire dedicated to Jupiter, the columns reaching a height of 30 meters, with a width of almost 2.5. The present condition of the site see's only six columns still standing with their entablature.

The 2 pictures can be seen here, on Flickr and on Clickasnap.

Temple of Jupiter, Lebanon 1960's

Jupiter temple columns Beirut edit

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