YouTube - My top 5 Videos

Occasionally I like to do a top 5 of how my pictures or videos are getting along on there various platforms, a few days ago sharing one about my top 5 pictures on Flickr, today I thought I'd do a top 5 of my Flickr videos over the last 365 days.

Number 5
Uploaded on the 21st October 2017, the video shows me driving along the M6 motorway through Cumbria, Northern England. In the last year it has been viewed 936 times making it my 5th most popular video. Since appearing on YouTube it has been viewed a total 2008 times.

Number 4
Uploaded to YouTube November 2nd 2013, the video shows a drive through Jedburgh in the borders region of Scotland. In the last 12 months it has been viewed 974 times, and to date 5762 times.

Number 3
Filmed in March 2019, the video shows footage of rising water levels and potential flooding that looked like it was about to devastate Sowerby Bridge again, luckily the levels subsided overnight. The town has lived with the fear of flooding since the Calder Valley flooding of Boxing Day 2015 devastated areas of the town for the first time in near fifty years. In the last 365 days it has been viewed 1639 times and a total of 2143 since uploading to YouTube.

Number 2
Although number 2 for the last 12 months this is by far my most popular upload to YouTube, to date being viewed 21329 times, including 2960 times in the last year. It shows a drive over the Carter's Bar border point between England and Scotland.

Number 1
My number 1 video for the last year was filmed early morning in Venice, Italy and shows the MSC Lirica cruise ship sailing past the San Marco area of Venice towards the port..
In the last year it has been viewed 3064 times, making it my most popular video of the last year by a clear 500 more than 2nd. Since uploading to YouTube in December 2018 it has been viewed 4364 times.

I'd just like to thank everyone who takes a moment to view my videos and subscribe to my channel, it's not the most informative and won't change the world but it's a small hobby for me to keep me occupied.

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