Let's go Dutch - Vintage Postcards from Holland

The following post features 3 postcards from Holland that are part of my collection. 2 are posted and from the 1970's with a third from the 1930's, which is unposted and shows the former building of the Netherlands Supreme Court prior to it's refurbishment in 1938.

Den Haag Hooge Raad, Holland

Groeten uit Eldorado-Park, Holland

The rear of the card is addressed to A.G Leeves, Capstone, Burwash, England and as best I can make out the message is "Greetings from Anneke and Whim Hoenew" I can't make the date out on the card.

Groeten uit Holland Postcard

This card is also addressed to the same people and dated 1976, I can't make out the message on this occasion.

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