Friday, 19 June 2020

Rochdale Canal. Station Road Bridge 6 to Longbottom Bridge 4

This collection of 11 pictures was taken whilst walking a short section of the Rochdale Canal. The distance covered was approx. 3/4 mile from bridge number 6 Station Road, Luddenden Foot to Bridge number 4 Longbottom or Tenterfields. The pictures were taken on 25th August 2019 as I was down Luddenden Foot searching for some old bomb shelters which I found (More on later) no far from Station Road Bridge.

Station Road Bridge, Luddenden Foot over the Rochdale Canal
Station Road Bridge No. 6 over the Rochdale Canal. The bridge used to provide access from the main A646 Burnley Road to the Luddenden Foot Railway Station (Closed 1962).

Rochdale Canal at Luddenden Foot
The mill is Denholme Mills which has stood at that location since the the early 19th century. Mainly used as a textile mill in the early 1990's it became a camping shop.

Rochdale Canal at Luddenden Foot
Taken a little further along the canal, Denholme Mills is just out of the left hand side of the picture.

Cooper House Bridge over the Rochdale Canal
Cooper House Bridge No. 5 over the Rochdale Canal. Built around 1798, the bridge allowed an access road to cross the canal from the main turnpike to the nearby Cooper House Mills. The mills were demolished in the early part of the 2010's.

Rochdale Canal at Cooper House Mills
The canal looking away from Cooper House Bridge. The mill complex stood to the right of the picture. Before the canal was reopened in the early 1990's the bank's here were much closer together. You could leap from 1 side to the other. The banking here was strengthened after it weakened and almost flooded the mills complex in the 1970's or 80's.

Rochdale Canal at Cooper House Mills
Just along the canal from Cooper House is another mill complex known as Tenterfields, this is just over the tree and wall to the right. The mill is now a number of small industrial units but was built as a Fulling Mill in 1738.

Longbottom Bridge over the Rochdale Canal
Bridge No. 4 Longbottom is also sometimes called Tenterfields Bridge. The bridge used to be an up and over with no path through, but in 1987 as part of the plan to reopen the Rochdale Canal the bridge was widened and a path through added by Manpower Services Commission.

Westwards along the Rochdale Canal from Longbottom Bridge
The Rochdale Canal westwards from Longbottom Bridge. Tenterfields can be seen to the left, the original name of the mill being Whitworth's Mill.

Eastwards along the Rochdale Canal from Longbottom Bridge
Again taken from Longbottom Bridge, this time looking eastwards in the direction of Sowerby Bridge.

Longbottom Bridge and the Rochdale Canal
Bridge No.4 over the Rochdale Canal, Longbottom Bridge used to be passed by a set of Stone steps just out of shot to the left of the wall. The bridge was widened to include the towpath in 1987.

Rochdale Canal at Tenterfields
The canal banking just beyond Longbottom Bridge.

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