Sunday, 2 August 2020

Mirfield Railway Station Revisited

In April 2015 I was in Mirfield and took the opportunity to picture the Railway Station and posted the pictures taken that day in a post on the 11th December 2017. I was again in Mirfield late last year having walked the Spen Valley Greenway from Low Moor to Thornhill, I then walked the Calder & Hebble Navigation to catch the train home from Mirfield and thought as I was there I may as well picture the station whilst waiting. In 2015 it was undergoing some repairs and refurbishments.

The railway first reached Mirfield in 1840 when a line connecting Normanton with Hebden Bridge was constructed, this was later extended to Manchester when the Summit Tunnel was completed in March 1841. Despite this Mirfield didn't get a station in the initial phrase of construction. In April 1845 trains finally stopped in Mirfield as the station was opened prior to the Manchester & Leeds Railway applying for permission to build a branch line to Bradford along the Spen Valley, this was sighted a few hundred metres west of the current station.

The new station opened at it's current location on the 5th March 1866 and featured a large island platform with a roof covering the entire station, this was removed in 1977. Other facilities included a hotel, ticket office, buffet restaurant and billiard room.

Mirfield remains a busy station today despite the loss of the Spen Valley Railway and some of the direct connections the station has had over the years. The station now has a third platform reached by exciting the island and passing underneath the bridge that carries the line over the road, this was added in the 1980's. There are limited facilities at the station with only step free access to platform 3, no toilets and is unmanned. It has small bus shelter type cover on all 3 platforms and bike safe racks.

The station served over 452,000 passengers in 2018/19 at an average of 8692 per week and there are currently plans to rebuild the station to offer a better passenger experience when the Trans Pennine Route gets upgraded. Rumours suggest the station may be re-sighted again and merged with Ravensthorpe Station which is approx. 2 miles to the east of Mirfield Station.

The following video can be seen on YouTube and features the images I took at the station.

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