Sunday, 20 February 2022

ABC of Sports Trading Cards (1927)

 Ogden's A.B.C of sport is a set of trading cards released in 1927, the set featured 25 cards with the letters X and Z combined in to 1 card to complete the set. The cards feature a number of sports popular in the 120's which perhaps would not get a look in today. I combined the pictures in to a YouTube slideshow which can be seen below with each individual image shown below that with what I personally consider would be the modern alternative sport featured.

Angling.. Modern alternatives would include Athletics, Archery,
American and Aussie Rules Football.

Boxing.. Modern alternatives Basketball, Badminton,
Baseball and Base Jumping.

Cricket.. Alternatives now would include Cycling or Canoeing

Deerstalking Hunting would be frowned upon now and 
replaced by Darts, Diving, Dressage, Decathlon.

Elk (Hunting) which like deerstalking would be frowned
upon, alternatives would include Eventing or the modern 

Football or Rugger as its referred to here. Football being the more
common version of "Football" now that would feature for F. Other
sports include Fencing and Figure Skating.

Golf.. Go-Karting, Gaelic Football and Gymnastics.

Hockey then and probably now but alternatives may
include Heptathlon, Hand Ball and High Jump.

Imbecile (House hunter), not sure why that's thought of as sporting, 
and until I read the the summary I thought the picture was referring
to a gambler. Proper sports would be featured here now probably
including Ice Hockey, Ironman or Ice Dancing.

Jockey, still a tough and respected sporting activity. Alternatives
for J, Javelin, Judo, and Jogging.

Kudos, sporting alternatives for modern cards include Kabaddi,
Karate and Kick Boxing.

Lacrosse, Lude is the only modern I could think of

Motorist, whilst not sporting Motor Sport is, Other alternatives could
include Mountain Biking and Miniature Golf.

Nap (Card Player), Not sure if I class cards as sporting but that's
my opinion only, Netball or Ninjitsu today.

Ounder of Otters, not sure what an ounder is, at a guess it's someone
who forcers otters out of their secure places to be hunted. Not my idea
of sport, alternative sports to feature in a modern set Open Water Swimming
and One Day Cricket which has a number of differences to Five Day Cricket
to allow it to be different. 

Pinger or Ponger is a term for Ping Pong Player. Still popular today,
alternatives for inclusion are Pigeon Racing, Pole Vault, Power Boat Racing
and Pole Dancing. 

Quoiter, refers to a player in the game of Quoits a game where the
players toss rings at a stake trying to land the ring with the stake
through the middle. Quidditch now, as much as I don't like or understand
Harry Potter people who do tell me this is now a proper sport
played by teams.

Runner, the modern sport choices would probably be Rugby League which
 I much prefer to the other code and which I put here because instead of the
other code as it's first World Cup was in 1954, a full 33 years before the alternative.

Ski-er, I'd go with any of Surfing, Sailing, Softball or Sumo
in a modern set.

Tennis is still a world wide popular sport now, Track and Field, Tug of War.
Ten Pin Bowling and Triathlon could all feature now.

Umpire, still needed and still vilified when decisions go against
the team they are not in favour of. Sporting alternatives for now
Ultimate a type of Frisbee sport, and a number of underwater
competitive sports.

Villikins, Despite googling it I have no idea what it's supposed to be.
 I'd offer up Volleyball and Vault Gymnastics for a modern set.

Wrestling would probably still occupy this card, Weightlifting,
Water Polo and Wheelchair versions of Basketball, Football
or Rugby may also feature.

X here refers to ex champions of various sports, actual sports that
could feature Xare and Xing yi Quan. I had to google those and Xare is 
popular in South America and played with a racket and ball in a
trinquete. Xing yi Quan is a Chinese martial art.

Yachting features for Y and Yo-Yo is the only alternative sport-
pastime I can think of. - - Z is for Zest, I'm guessing that's for enthusiasm
for sport in general. Google again offered some alternatives which were
Zourkhaneh a Iranian Martial art and Zui Quan which
is drunken Boxing.

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