Saturday, 26 March 2022

Churn Milk Joan Artwork

 I previously posted the picture Churn Milk Joan in April 2021 and provided the following information alongside it,

Churn Milk Joan is a standing stone upon Midgley Moor overlooking the Calder Valley. Also Known as Churn Milk Peg and Nelmires Stoop it reaches a height of approx 7ft and is thought to have been erected as a boundary marker, having been recorded as early as the 17th Century.

The stone is thought to have been given the name Churn Milk Joan in the early 19th Century, as a tribute to a milkmaid who froze to death whilst crossing the moor from Peckett Well to Luddenden during a heavy snow storm. Some of the legends said about the stone include leaving a penny in the depression on top of the stone is said to bring you good luck, it is also claimed that the stone spins 3 times on New Years Eve when the sound of the St Michaels Church bells, Mytholmroyd can be heard around it, the stone is thought to predate the church by a couple of hundred years.

The following is an art work of mine based on the original picture which can still be seen on my blog and ClickASnap, where this artwork can also be seen full size, resolution and un-watermarked.

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The picture remains the copyright of Colin Green, copies can be bought on Clickasnap and Ebay.