Saturday, 9 April 2022

Brighton Piers in Art Sketches

 West Pier

The West Pier is a derelict pier off the coast of Brighton which closed to the public in 1975. Opened on the 6th October 1866, the West Pier was the 2nd in Brighton following the Royal Suspension Chain Pier, it was extended in 1893 and a concert hall was added during the First World War and around this time the pier reached it's maximum popularity before declining during the inter war years. After closure the pier was largely neglected with sections collapsing into the sea at various times, a major storm in 2002 causing extensive damage and several fires putting the pier beyond repair. The pier was awarded Grade I listed status in 1982 to date the only pier to have been. The artwork of the remains below was created by me.

West Pier Remains, Brighton

Brighton Palace Pier

The Brighton Palace Pier was the third to open in Brighton and the only one still in use, the pier was granted Grade II listed status on the 20th August 1971 and continues to be a popular tourist attraction to this day,

Brighton Palace Pier

Both artworks remain the copyright of Colin Green, they can also be seen full size, resolution and un-watermarked on Clickasnap and occasionally are offered for sale on Ebay and Ebid.

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