Saturday, 23 April 2022

Comic Book Style Artworks of Sowerby Bridge

My Sowerby Bridge in comic book style images was a set of pictures created by me, that are based on photographs I had taken earlier. I created the artworks as part of a YouTube video slideshow, mainly to try and show something different to my usual. All the images can be seen below the YouTube Video and each place is named although i'm sure if you are local to Sowerby Bridge you will know where they are.

The following images are all featured in the slideshow, you can also see them on Clickasnap where they are full size, resolution and un-watermarked.

The Canal Basin, the picture shows the Calder & Hebble side with the Moorings
bar visible. The boats moored are those of Shire Cruises.

Bolton Brow Wesleyan Chapel, the building is now apartments.

The canal basin, the Calder & Hebble side featured again.

Church Bank from Sunnybank Street, Christ Church Clock Tower is visible.

Church Bank, Orrell House to the left

Hollins Mill Tunnel, The Rochdale Canal passing through it's arch.

The Jubilee Refreshment Rooms, formerly Sowerby Bridge Railway Station
ticket office.

Lock Number 2 on the Rochdale Canal, Christ Church Clock Tower, Ladstone
and Houghton Towers can be seen on the skyline.

This mileage sign can be found on the Rochdale Canal to the west
of Hollins Mill Tunnel.

The mainline railway viaduct crossers over the River Ryburn, just
before the Ryburn joins with the River Calder.

The River Calder at Mearclough Bridge, (Milner Royd).

The River Ryburn near the Swimming Baths towards Station Road.

Lock 2 on the Rochdale Canal, the Roxy is the building on the left.

Looking over the town from Beech Road.

Sowerby Bridge Railway Station.

The River Calder Canoe Slalom from County Bridge.

The Town Hall Clock Tower, formerly Lloyds Bank, soon to be a restaurant,
never been a town hall from County Bridge.

The Rochdale Canal in to Tuel Lane Tunnel, this section was reopened
in the late 1990's, Christ Church is in the centre and the Roxy to the right.

Victoria Bridge over the River Ryburn.

Village Indian Restaurant, formerly the Wharf and Ash Tree pubs.

Willow Hall Dam, the waterfall is the overflow from the upper dam
in to the lower dam featured.

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