Monday, 4 October 2021

The Methodist and St Nicholas, Churches of Dunkeswell

 These pictures of the Methodist church and St Nicholas were taken on the 10th September 2015. I was at the nearby air field to collect a load in my job as a HGV driver and upon arrival was informed I would be unable to load until the following morning, so with time to pass and nothing to do I went to explore the local area.

Dunkeswell Methodist Church

The first church I passed whilst walking towards the village was the Dunkeswell Methodist Church, located a short walk from the airfield at the top of Abbey Road the small church overlooks the village. Other than service information there isn't much available online regarding the history of the church. The pictures below were taken using a Polaroid is2132 bridge camera.

St Nicholas Church

The church of St Nicholas was rebuilt on the same site as an earlier structure between 1865-68, with the tower being replaced in 1953. The tower had been urgently demolished after World War II due to being seriously weakened and in danger of collapse. This structural damage had been caused by the engine vibration of the bombers taking off from the nearby air field which was home to the US Air Force and then the US Navy who have a plaque and book of remembrance in the church. The church still holds regular services today and has a number of references inside to the US forces that were stationed nearby.

The church was open when i passed so i got pictures of both the exterior and interior, they were taken using a Polaroid is2132 bridge camera.

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